Scenar Therapist - Have you tried everything but your pain and ohter symptoms just won't go away? There's a very good chance that Scenar can help.

Scenar and Sports Injuries

Scenar pain relief for sport injuries


Scenar is used by many top sports stars

Scenar is very effective with most sports and exercise injuries, speeding up recovery times for  muscles and ligaments that are painfully overstretched, sprained, or torn.

Hear what seven times world surfing champion Layne Beachley says about her Scenar experience:



The first time Scenar really came to the attention of people in the West was its use on Russian and Ukranian athletes at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney: Russian athletes were observed getting back into competition after serious injuries had received Scenar treatment (see Injury and Fatigue in Athletes, and Super Marathons). 

Scenar has recently become a preferred treatment for increasing numbers of top sportsmen, ballet dancers, musicians and other celebrities (see Entertainers). Presumably as a form of competitive advantage, or in deference to their PR handlers, this isn't publicised very much, although there have been some mentions (see Press Coverage).  

Maria SharapovaWimbledon tennis champion Maria Sharapova says "The InterX (a form of Scenar) has helped me tremendously with the daily soreness and injuries that come from being a professional athlete." 

Doctors with some Formula 1 teams use Scenar, and three-times U.S. national figure skating champion Jonny Weir has regular treatments. Other global sports stars using Scenar are Olympic snow boarding gold medal winner Torah Bright, and world surfing champion Layne Beachly. 


Chelsea Football ClubThe  largest Russian Scenar site has "thank yous" from the Chelsea soccer team, and its billionaire owner Roman Abramovitch, and some of the Real Madrid team. AC Milan are also using Scenar, and Dinamo Minsk have used it since 1992. Several other top football teams have been using Scenar treatments for years.



Dan LugerPhil Pask, the physio for the England rugby team has been using Scenar, and England internationals Dan Luger, Danny Cipriani, Mike Catt, Andy Gomersall and Jason Robinson have all acknowledged Scenar's effect in helping them recover from injury. American Football stars have also been using Scenar, including players in the Miami Dolphins and the Dallas Cowboys.




Scenar can help most sports injuries

Most injuries from sports and exercise will respond well to Scenar treatment. Some of the most common are:

  • sprained ankle or twisted knee 
  • torn hamstring or quadricep muscles 
  • torn ligaments 
  • broken ankle, wrist, leg or arm 
  • plantar fasciitis 
  • shin splints 
  • ruptured achilles tendon 
  • tarsal or metatarsal injuries 
  • rotator cuff tear 
  • tendonitis or bursitis 
  • lateral/medial epicondylitis (tennis/golfer's elbow) 



Scenar for Accidents 

 Man With Sprained Ankle

Scenar treatment can significantly reduce recovery times after a wide range of accidents, traumas, and surgery, including burns and fractures (see Fractures). In fact, other than hospital treatment with plaster casts and reconstructive surgery, if there's a better general therapy than Scenar for the majority of injuries, then I've yet to come across it.


The injury can be treated successfully at almost any point, sometimes decades afterwards. However, Scenar is most dramatic with acute cases when applied within the first few hoursafter an accident. Depending on the severity of the injury, pain and inflammation are often gone in minutes, leaving no sign of bruising, swelling or other damage.




Please note that these pages are for general information and not in any way intended to help you diagnose a medical condition. You should first seek a diagnosis from a doctor, and, if you decide to try Scenar therapy, work with your doctor in assessing the progress of the condition and the dosage of any drugs you may be taking.


About the author: Paul Lowe has Scenar practices near Brighton in Sussex. He tackles many issues including back pain and joints (slipped disc, sciatica, rheumatoid and osteo arthritis, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, RSI), neurological (migraines, IBS, TMJ, RSD, fibromyalgia), burns, wounds and sports injuries.



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Don Elwick - Managing Director, Brighton Media Centre (Cracked Ribs)

"December 21st, 2009, I went out running, slipped on some ice, and fell heavily on my back. A nurse and a doctor both confirmed I had two or three cracked ribs. I spent the next week hardly sleeping due to the painDecember 29th, I saw Paul Lowe for a Scenar treatment, and that night I slept properly again. Over the next few days, almost all the pain had gone, and the ribs were back to normal. I had Scenar again and on January 4th, the doctor found it hard to believe there was nothing left from the accident - broken ribs normally take at least 6 weeks to heal."


Venus Villa, First Artist, The English National Ballet, London (Leg injury)

"I had a very painful injury to my leg (compartment syndrome), and I tried several therapies. Scenar was the best for really deep healing, even when I was dancing for seven hours a day. Thank you Paul."


Marco Crivello, Artist, Lewes, Sussex (Shoulder + Back Pain)

"I had acute pain in my right shoulder. I tried osteopathy and cranio-sacral over several weeks, but with negligible results. Paul treated me with Scenar daily for four days, and by the end I was pain-free. On another occasion, I was in acute pain months after Achilles tendon surgery -- after one treatment from Paul, the pain went away. I also threw my back out twice. Each time, one Scenar treatment was enough to put it back to normal."


Stephane Davies-Arai, Sculptor, Lewes, Sussex (Sciatica)

"I was rushed to hospital on three occasions and given four strong painkillers including morphine. I finally collapsed at work in agony, unable to walk. After 10 treatments with Paul, I was able to stop the painkillers and drive 80 miles to a work event. Six months on, I'm still pain free."


Tim Cornwall - Private Hire Driver, Herstmonceaux, Sussex (Slipped Disc)

"I've had hip and lower back problems for over 30 years. This episode was the worst I've had for two years: I could hardly walk or drive and I had to give work away. Until now, I'd go to the chiropractor for several treatments and take at least three weeks to recover. With Paul it took four days and four Scenar treatments to get back to normal. On day 1, I could barely walk. On day 3, I took the dog for a one-hour walk."


John Hayward - Landscaper, Westham, Sussex (Neck + Shoulder Pain, Arm/hand nerve damage)

"The pain had reached levels that stopped my physical workload. The diagnosis was nerve compression due to an injury to the C5/6/7 vertebrae. I now faced the prospect of surgery to install metal inserts... After four Scenar treatments, I was able to stop the painkillers... After three months and 10 treatments, I can also report... ability to sleep on my side again, write and sign my signature fluently again, turn my head fully to the right and left... Six months later, I'm doing heavy physical work again as part of my job, and despite needing occasional top-ups, I'm basically pain-free. Altogether, a phenomenal success."